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With more and more auditions moving into the self-tape realm, actors are being given the opportunity to be in control of what the people in charge see. It's no longer necessary to only be able to do one or two takes, or have a sub-par reader, or receiving notes from someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, or being in front of a background that washes you out. At the same time, however, casting directors are giving more and more overly-specific notes about how to tape because it's easy to do it badly.

Taping with the Braden Lynch Studio gives you three major advantages:

1. Having your coach right there with you, reading the scene the way it should be read and making sure your performance is the best it can be.

2. Filming as many takes as you like, allowing you to dive deeper into each scene and not stress about messing up.

3. Standing out from a technical standpoint with high-quality camera, lighting and sound.

Set up over the phone, by email, or on the Clients page.



A Sony A7II Camera with a Sony 55/1.8 Sonnar T FE ZA Lens with auto-focus, a Rode VideoMic pro, two diffused lights along with natural light, and a green-blue background that makes any skin tone pop beautifully. Tapes are edited in iMovie and uploaded/emailed from the Studio.


Available in person near Miracle Mile in Los Angeles.



Regular hours are M-F 10am-5pm.

Anything outside of that may be billed at an overtime rate of 1.5x.


How much:

Tapings are billed at the regular coaching fee of $150/hr plus a $50 taping fee. All are scheduled for two hours, though the amount of time used is the amount of time charged.