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Why This Coach?

“Braden Lynch knows exactly how to pull the best work out of each student. His compassion makes him incredibly astute and I cannot recommend his classes highly enough.” -Bex Taylor-Klaus: Voltron, The Killing, Scream TV Series

“Been going to him for years and refer all my friends to him, all of whom tell me he's great. Amazing for all levels of skill.” -Ross Butler: 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, Shazam!

“Simply put, Braden is a fantastic teacher. He's kind, inventive and extremely effective. I recommend him to any level of actor from beginner to seasoned veteran.” 

-Josh Zuckerman: Sex Drive, Significant Mother, 90210

“Braden is an amazing coach. If you want real tools and technique to help you in auditions, he's the man.”

-Nichole Bloom: Superstore, Shameless

“Definitely my favorite acting coach in LA. He always finds a new perspective that gives a new depth to what you're working on. He gives you amazing tools to give more realism and truth to your work.” -Aislinn Derbez

La Casa de las Flores, Miss Bala, Easy

“Braden is a lifesaver! Works with all levels and is amazing at getting you where you need to be before auditions and for character prep.” -Cailee Spaeny:

Pacific Rim: Uprising, Bad Times at the El Royale

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To All the Boys I Loved Before 2 • 13 Reasons Why • Shazam! • Kissing Booth 2 • Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists • Riverdale • Criminal Minds • Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders • How to Get Away with Murder • Ozark • Shamless • Blacklist • NCIS • General Hospital • The Young and the Restless • SuperStore • Hellfest • Blockers • Chicago Med • Voltron • Brockmire • Liv and Maddie • S.W.A.T • K.C. Undercover • The OA • The Bridge • Law & Order True Crime • Chasing Life • Law & Order: SVU • Dumplin' • Dear White People • The Middle • The Last Witch Hunter • Here and Now • Menendez: Blood Brothers • Author: The JT LeRoy Story • Secrets and Lies • The Third Period • Dark/Web • Rosewood • Stalker • @asst • Roped • The Pact • Turnt • Perfect • Mr. Student Body President • Teen Wolf • Vampire Diaries

and many more.

Why This Technique?

So imagine that someone has written a movie about you. This film contains all of your life's most important moments, all of the most traumatic as well as all of the most enjoyable. It contains every moment that has made you who you are today. Now imagine that we're auditioning actors to play you and you get to watch. Chances are really good that nine out of ten actors will "use their instincts" only, or "feel the character" or "feel the moments" or something else vague and inexplicable and dissatisfying like that... and you will be left with the distinct impression, I guarantee, that they have no idea what it is like to be you. Hopefully though, there will be one, one actor, who has a real and complete technique who leaves you with the impression that you have watched a different version of yourself. If you can learn a technique like that, the technique that I will be laying out in this series and if you can endeavor to treat every character you play with as much respect as that actor gave you, then chances are really good that you will be one of the best actors to walk into any audition room.

Why Why Why?

Finding the best acting school in Los Angeles for you can be an arduous process whether you're wondering how to become an actor in the first place or just trying to find a place to grow and stretch. The problem you're up against is that a lot of Los Angeles acting classes will take your money and not give you much value. They'll teach you zero or incomplete technique, not push you to grow, obviously play to the more famous people in class, tell you not to memorize, tell you how to say lines... the list of demonstrably bad practices goes on and on.

What you need is an acting coach who will push you to grow, cultivate a sense of community among clientele, and cultivate in you a comprehensive technique that includes script analysis, being present, and on-demand emotional connectivity. At the Braden Lynch Studio, we pride ourselves on these values.


Invest in yourself and your career by joining a healthy, encouraging, constructive environment.