Classes are held at 1415 Carmona Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90019L

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Refund Policy


A) Private Coaching Sessions: Refunds are not offered for private coachings.

B) Credit is offered as detailed below. Refunds are only offered for an actor's first payment to the studio.


Cancellation Policy

A) Private Coaching Sessions: Actor understands that Actor is financially responsible for the full amount of the fee for each private coaching unless notice of the need to reschedule or cancel is given to the office at least 24 hours prior to the time of the scheduled coaching. If such advance notice is not provided, Actor understands that Actor will be charged the full amount for the coaching session.

B) Group Classes: Credit for a missed class is given only if the class is missed as a result being engaged in paid acting work, hereby defined as paid, speaking roles in film, television or equity theater. In order to claim credit, Actor understands that it is Actor’s responsibility to provide Braden Lynch with a pay stub from the production or a call sheet for the day(s) when class was missed. In the event that credit is to be awarded, Actor understands that Actor shall receive credit toward Actor’s next class payment in the amount of 1/4 of standard tuition multiplied by the number of classes missed. Once enrolled in group classes, Actor authorizes recurring, automatic credit/debit card charges by the Studio for successive 4-packs (defined as four consecutive group classes of the same class) three business days before the beginning of each new 4-pack unless Actor notifies the office by email at least four business days before the start of a new 4-pack of his or her intent to not participate in the new 4-pack.