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Ah, the Catch-22 of having a solid reel: you're supposed to have one in order to book roles, but how can you have one if you haven't booked any roles? Or how can you book a certain kind of role if the reel you have doesn't show that you're capable?

Enter the BLS Filmic Reel Service.


Now you can create your own reel, showcasing yourself the want you want to be seen, all while having a professional acting coach there to make sure your performance is the best it can possibly be.


Here's how it works:


      • A Personal Consultant. I help you decide —if you desire help— what type of material to shoot, how to get it, who to cast, where to shoot, etc.

      • An Experienced Director and Coach. I create a shot list and direct the shoot to make the final product look as filmic as possible and I’m there to coach you into the performance you want to showcase.

      • An Experienced DP. I partner with skilled DPs, who bring years of experience to the table and who are committed to helping you look your best.

      • 3 Shooting Hours, Plus 1 for SetUp and 30 minutes TearDown. This covers 2 or 3 takes per shot and has always been plenty of time to get everything we need on a standard scene.* 

      • A Final Edit. I edit the footage, have my DP apply color correction, and send you the final product in SD and/or HD, whichever you prefer.



      • Casting, Material, and Location. While I will help you decide who, what, and where, the final decisions are yours, as are any costs or paperwork (contracts) that may be required.

      • Food. As the executive producer of this project, it is your responsibility to feed your cast and crew. As part of our agreement, you will budget $15 per person for food cost (this is in addition to our fee), the bulk of which should go to a restaurant on the minimum level of Mendocino Farms, the rest of which should go to on-set drinks and snacks.

      • Hair and MakeUp. It is entirely up to you whether you want to do this yourself or hire someone at additional cost to you, just be ready to shoot an hour after our call time.

      • Performance. I will absolutely direct and coach you on the day, but you should do everything you can to be as prepared as possible in order to give your best performance whether or not that includes coaching with me or someone else beforehand.

      • Incidentals. Special props, wardrobe, etc.



      • OPTION 1: Two Pages Under Copyright. You’re free to choose something you’ve auditioned for, etc. If you choose this route, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement stating that the piece will only be uploaded to industry sites like Actors Access, LACasting, Casting Frontier, etc. It can be 2 pages of one scene, or 3 different projects totaling three pages -- as long as we can complete the filming in the time allotted (see overtime below).

      • OPTION 2: Two Original Pages. You’re free to write something or have something written. If you choose this route, you can feel free to upload the final product anywhere you like. 



      • $300 to the DP

      • $650 to BLS. If I were to charge my typical hourly rate of $150 and multiply that by the number of hours spent consulting with you, analyzing the material, creating a shot list, shooting the piece, and editing the footage, the cost would very quickly move into the thousands. However, because I like being able to provide this service and want to keep it affordable, I’m capping it here.


*Overtime. To be clear, the $950 covers 3 shooting hours plus 1.5 hours for setup and teardown, which is plenty for a scene between two people that starts on time and doesn’t include fight choreography, special effects, problematic/additional actors, problematic locations, or a variety of other issues that can run us into overtime. Again, I will consult you on the material, actors, and locations you choose, so you should be able to avoid all of these potential problems, but if issues under your domain of responsibility cause us to shoot for more than three hours, you will be responsible for an additional $200 per hour.