Classes are held at 1415 Carmona Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90019L

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Since 2006, Los Angeles acting coach Braden Lynch has spent over 10,000 hours coaching everyone from novice actors to working professionals, ages six to sixty-five. He coaches actors for auditions daily, teaches two classes per week, and helps many of his working clients dive deeper into work they have already booked. He is known as a compassionate but firm teacher who always has ways to help his clients grow and who fosters a sense of community among his clientele.

He is decidedly unimpressed by celebrity, resumé, and accolades. "Everyone knows at least one actor who has those things but lacks any real skill. Tell it to someone else
. Give me work ethic, integrity, and humility; I'll be all in." He also insists that actors be as prepared as possible before each coaching and class. "Analyze, personalize, memorize. Take yourself to a six or seven and I can take you to a nine or ten."

As an actor, he has appeared in numerous television shows, films, plays, commercials, and video games, he is proficient in well over 20 accents, and he holds a degree in Vocal Jazz and Studio Music from the University of Miami.

"I believe that actors can be better. I believe that their performances in tv shows, films, and theatre can be taken more seriously. I’m here to show them how."