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Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, one of the best investments you can make in your career is to find the best acting class for you. Receiving constructive feedback, watching how others fail and succeed, stretching yourself beyond what you typically audition for... these things accelerate the learning process, inspire you to always be moving forward, and keep you sharp for when the time comes.

While the specifics of classes differ, all class levels can expect constructive feedback from Braden, group emotional exercises, and monthly "Challenge Weeks," where everyone plays the same character in the same scene.

Admission into either class -- as well as class auditing -- require either a free 30-minute evaluation or an at-cost coaching.

Master Class

Thursdays 7-10pm, On-going, $265 for four consecutive weeks, Ages 18+

This class deepens the fundamentals of technique work and introduces advanced concepts. Actors can work on auditions, chemistry reads, staged scenes with partners, emotional exercises, accent work, mimicry... everything is fair game. The standard is much higher here than in the Technique Class, so actors must be approved to join and continued participation depends on the actor consistently bringing his or her A-game.

Technique Class

Sundays 7-10pm, On-going, $265 for four consecutive weeks, Ages 18+

This class focuses on the technique fundamentals as Braden sees them: Relevant History, Potential Futures, Emotional Relationship and Objective. Actors present fully prepared work in front of the class. They will have a reader in the audience for audition scenes or be completely on their own for accents or emotional work. They then workshop the material with Braden and either bring it back the following week or move on to a new challenge.