Classes are held at 1415 Carmona Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90019L

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Accent tapes and books are not the best idea.

The absolute best way to learn or perfect an accent is to find a good accent coach who authentically has the accent you're looking for.


That tends to be difficult, so the next best option is to either:


1. Find someone who has the accent but can't teach it, or...

2. Find someone who doesn't have the accent but can teach it.

Why are either of these better than books or tapes? Because books and tapes are rarely created by people who have the accent, and because they can't give you feedback, so it can be impossible to know how well you're doing.

With a repertoire of well over 20 accents and the ability to be teachable on a new one in less than 24 hours, Braden has proven himself to be the go-to accent coach in the acting business. Sessions cover everything from placement to vowel shifts to understanding patterns in the source language.

Set up over the phone, by email, or on the Clients page.


Available in person near Miracle Mile in Los Angeles, or over the phone/video chat.



Regular coachings are M-F 10am-5pm.

Anything outside of that may be billed at an overtime rate of 1.5x.


How much:

Coachings are billed at $150/hr

($75 per half hour or fraction thereof).